Success is a Journey, not a Destination

                                           - Arthur Ashe



We want to expand our wings and if you have the mite, be one of the feathers, to reinforce our team. 


If you have a flair to ignite your skills in holiday business we have a tremendous growth opportunity where you can enhance your income potential in this rapidly growing travel industry by being our partner.


Do we need huge investments to start up a business? We don’t believe this fact. We believe that along with money it is our time, passion and vision that counts our success. Gogaga Holidays Partner Program is more about building Leaders for future.

Join forces with us in a growing Holiday industry. This industry is growing leaps & bounds. Due to our busy and hectic work schedules, we look forward for a relaxed and fun filled holiday to rejuvenate our souls for a fresh start. Need for holidaying is creating ample business opportunities as this service has now considered as need than to be a optional. 


Are you an entrepreneur from a non-urban location looking forward to add holiday products to your selling list for your existing customer base with our support and expertise. Explore our unique Partner Program which gives you an edge to explore new opportunities.


Do you want to explore the opportunity to drive future leaders under you. We create such platform where more than just selling holidays, you can build leaders under you. We provide an opportunity of happiness to all those associated with us, be it our customer or our partners it is Happiness Always with us.


 Any Individual from secondary market (District or Rural) with a passion to explore in Holiday Business can be our Sales Partner. He should have the flair to promote and understand our holiday products and recommend the same to our customers and support them, at all levels of holidaying. He should have basic knowledge of computer operations such as browsing, surfing on internet and minimum awareness of Microsoft excel, word etc. He should possess or buy a Tablet for his official use that has the configuration of Android Operating system, with a Kit kat screen, for all his business needs, mandatorily.


As a company, we will create an exclusive login ID & Password to him to access our Partner Portal, where in, he can book flight, hotels, holidays and all other products, online, raise itinerary requests online, view his income statements and all other services. Sales Partners will be supported by a Holiday Partner locally for all his offline customer and Sales related services with a dedicated service team.  



 Any organization or an entrepreneur who has high levels of commitment towards service and teambuilding will be our Holiday Partner. He should have an experience of 4 to 5 years in retail business and distribution business development, in main secondary location (Main District) and having such Holiday Business experience, will have an added advantage. He needs to set up a support retail store of 400 to 500 sft, as per company standards to service all Sales Partners, company employees, representatives and the associates in his location, if any.


Holiday Partner will support the team in back-end customer service and assist in all lead generation and brand awareness programs to Sales Partners in his location. As a company, we support Holiday Partner with a dedicated Sales Manager to recruit Sales Partners and to drive business with specified sales targets. Holiday Partner will be paid an overriding commission on the business generated from his Sales Partners for all the services provided to them. 



 Super Partner will be, a one point contact, for all the Direct Partners in his specified urban market. Super Partner has to setup a retail outlet of 500 to 1000sft in the specified commercial location of his city, as per the company expectations, under defined specifications. Super Partner is required to provide a dedicated support team for all the offline and online service requirements, brand awareness and lead generation activities to the Direct Partners.


Company will provide a dedicated Sales Manager to help the Super Partner, who will work on, month to month fixed sales targets to drive business with the support of Direct Partners. Super Partner will be paid an overriding commission on business generated by his Direct Partner, for all the services provided to them. 



Our 6 lakh+ Hotel tieps, 600+ travel partners across the globe makes us provide the best service to all our clientele. Our Massive tie ups and unmatched service is making us leaders in the travel industry.

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